VG 40 Bitumen

VG 40 Bitumen

Construction significance

VG 40 Bitumen : Roads are valuable veins of each city and country. Indeed, they are an important part of the economy. Construction infrastructure directly contributes to economic growth because it facilitates transportation and shipping. A strong network also creates new investment opportunities. Every new road and highway requires labor force, technological infrastructure and paving material such as bitumen. Additionally, old roads need maintenance measures to avoid rotting and racking.

Developed countries know the power of the roads and highways. Therefore, we see The United States of America has the largest road network. The total length of the road network exceeds 6.58 million kilometers. The network consists of 4.3 million kilometers of paved and 2.28 million kilometers of unpaved roads. After the U.S, India holds the largest road infrastructure, which is over 47,000 km.

India’s bitumen market

India has a large economy and GDPs trends show that it is growing bigger. Inevitably, it requires larger and qualified road network. Consequently, bitumen and asphalt consumption has been rising in India recently. Even after the Covid-19 pandemic, it could recover sooner than many other economies. Considering the variety of the climate in India, one of the best options for pavement material is viscosity grades such as Vg 40 Bitumen .

The bitumen Vg-40 is popular due to the high tolerance of it for too heavy traffic loads. It functions very well in areas with high temperature. Vg-40 has been used in India for a long time now, and it is similar to penetration grade 40/50. Constructors usually pave the intersections, toll booths and parking lots with Vg-40 to increase the durability of the pavement considering their heavy traffic loads.

Major importers of viscosity grading bitumen in India are from Middle Eastern countries such as Iran. Indeed, Iran produces one of the best viscosity grade bitumen in the Middle East. It is pure and high quality offered in a variety of packaging such as Jumbo Bags, New Steel Drum and bulk.

Future market VG 40 Bitumen

Currently, the Indian bitumen market is about 5 million tons. It is expected to grow in the future, according to the new construction projects and maintenance of the road network. This means a great opportunity lies in front of bitumen manufacturers and importer in India. Nearly 90% of the bitumen demand is provided through domestic productions, and the remaining 10% of the supply is through import. Therefore, we may expect bitumen import growth in the near future.

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