White Spirit 

White Spirit 

Generally speaking, the white spirit (solvent 402) is an oil derivative in the form of a clear, colorless liquid. Besides, it functions as a solvent in various industries.

In the following, we will become more familiar with the packaging types, functions, and specifications of this material.

White spirit packaging types

Various types of this product are bulk, metal barrels with a capacity of 170.5 kg, iso tank and flexi tank.

The package is dependent on the customers’ request; however, steel drums are the most demanded type among the others.

More about the solvent 402 (white spirit)

White spirits are a mixture of paraffinic and aromatic hydrocarbons with a distillation range of 142-200 ° C.

These solvents are clear, water-colored liquids with a mild odor, chemically stable, and do not cause corrosion.

In fact, petroleum solvents also act as solvents, diluents, detergents, carriers of additives and raw materials

in many industries such as paint-resin, varnish, adhesive, thinner, wire, polish, and wax. Besides,

they can also function in various products such as wood protection, asphalt, varnishes, and aerosols.

The white spirit is also effective in the photography industry.

Painters also use this solvent as a substitute for turpentine because it is less flammable and less toxic.

This solvent is recommended for cases such as oil painting where the human is in direct contact with the solvent.

The specification of solvent 402

In addition to what mentioned above, the product has a special ability to dissolve oily colors.

The melting point of this solvent is minus 40 ° C and its boiling point is between 150 and 200 ° C.

Also, the density of this solvent at 20 ° C is equal to 0.78 g / ml. The most common composition for solvent 402 usually contains more than 65% of C10 hydrocarbons or hydrocarbons with more carbon.

In Western Europe, about 60% of the consumption of this material devotes to the production of paints, varnishes, and polishes. It is good to know that this material has various types of packaging, some of which we refer to below.

  • FlexiTank
  • Bulk
  • Steel drum

It is important to select the most appropriate type of packaging, otherwise some consequences will happen. However,

the request of the customer is important in this regard. As the final point, many countries such as Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania,

and some other countries have a high demand for white spirit .