Export Documents

Export Documents

Question: Why the documents are needed for the export business?

Answer: This question lies like the business relations between the exporter (Jey Oil Kenya) and the importer cooperating in two countries. Contrary to the domestic business, the commercial practices and legal systems are different in the two countries the exporter and importer are operating from. Therefore, to protect the respective interests of the exporter and the importer involved in export business, certain documentary formalities become essential. Such export documents facilitate the smooth flow of goods and payments thereof across national frontiers. Export documents based on our business are divided into the below items.

Essential Export Documents

International inspection is one of the critical components of incoterms. The supplier is usually in charge of providing the inspection unless the buyer is reluctant to have, or the volume of the loadings is low. Moreover, the buyer can himself coordinate with the international inspection company.  If Infinity galaxy is committed to international inspection in the pre-issued invoice, the customer will receive a daily inspection report through the international inspection company reports. The customer will also receive daily reports including film and photos taken by Infinity Galaxy operation team in the port of loading. Each report and international inspection contains quality and quantity.

Different Types of Inspections:

Infinity Galaxy Inspector

Whether the sold commodity by Infinity Galaxy has the international inspection or not, Infinity Galaxy inspectors will be present from the moment the container is received to the moment the customs documents are delivered to the shipping line. Infinity Galaxy operation team take proper photos and videos of empty and filled containers and commodities quality. These photos and videos will be sent instantly to the Infinity Galaxy head office. Every specific report of the loadings demanded by the customers is accepted by Infinity Galaxy without any charge. 

GIS | PVoC | IDF (Import Declaration Form) | SGS 

Every buyer and importer of bitumen to Kenya should first apply for the Import Declaration Form (IDF) of the customs office. Consequently, the form attached to the performa by the Infinity Galaxy Company will be sent to the GIS agent in the loading port. SGS Company will allocate a unique job file to the buyer and seller. SGS and its GIS crew are present at the loading time in loading port and send reports directly to customs and inspection office in Kenya. Each importer should have the bill of lading attached to PVoC before the commodity released in Mombasa or Dar Es Salam port. 

Download PDF : IDF

Download PDF : PVoC

Download PDF : SGS

Material safety data sheet

The material safety data sheet is one of the obligatory documents that should be provided by the supplier (Infinity Galaxy) for onboard loadings. If a hazardous commodity such as Caustic Soda is exported, it should be transported in a safe proper container away from the others especially foods. Therefore, MSDS in very critical while loading goods. Here comes the Material safety data sheet of all our products.

Useful to know that CHIP which stands for Chemical Hazard Information and Packaging for Supply helps to make a risk assessment required by the control of substances hazardous to health regulation (COSHH). Material safety data sheet indicates the possible dangers of a product. Supplier is in charge of presenting MSDS to the shipping company and the customer.

Download Bitumen MSDS

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