Bitumen suppliers

Bitumen suppliers

Bitumen suppliers are one of the important groups, since bitumen has many applications in many fields.

produces many other petrochemical products such as emulsions, waxes, etc.

Moreover, bitumen has many types and grades that each has a specific application.

That’s because bitumen suppliers are essential to supply and export this main substance to the world.

Many countries have some refineries from which they can provide the bitumen and other petrochemical products that they need.

They also export some to other countries which do not produce bitumen or do not have any natural oil or bitumen deposit.

For example, Iran, Kenya, China, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, China, Russia, and a few other countries have

bitumen and oil sources and are among the top bitumen suppliers of the world.

On the other hand, some countries import bitumen and their needed petrochemical products.

For instance, Kenya imports a notable amount of different types of bitumen such as MC grades, bitumen pen grade 60/70, 80/100, and emulsions. This country imports bitumen mainly from Iran, since Iran has the most predominated refineries and supplier companies.

What affect the deals in the field of petrochemical?

Same as other deals and contracts between countries, petrochemical deals have also many items.

Moreover, some items such as the global economy, bitumen price, the countries’ situation, and oil price will largely affect the deals.

As mentioned before, political and economic changes around the world impact the way bitumen is supplied.

Important to know that the demand of the market is also determinative.

Where are the bitumen suppliers located more?

To be right to the point, the Athabasca is the largest natural bitumen deposit in the world,

containing about 80% of the Alberta total, and the only one suitable for surface mining, according to a 2009 Petroleum publication.

Therefore, the bitumen suppliers are more located in that area. However, in South Africa,

the Middle East, and Europe, are many active bitumen suppliers. According to the verified reports,

china is one of the largest supplier with a 2,17,16,000 ton volume of exports. As another example,

India exports bitumen about 51, 85,000 each day. South Korea, Turkey, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Japan, Spain, and Canada are also bitumen producer and exporter.

Due to the reports, China has the highest export rate, followed by the United States.

The least bitumen production and export volume in this list is for Spain, followed by Brazil.

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