Buy bitumen in South Africa

Buy bitumen in South Africa

Buy bitumen in South Africa : Jey oil Kenya is an exclusive bitumen supplier in South Africa. We have a vast network of partner refineries, which makes us capable of providing our clients with various types of bitumen in all seasons.

Additionally, our bitumen is available in a variety of packaging including new steel drum, jumbo bag, polybag, 40 kg bags, and bulk.

Latest Bitumen Price in Africa

Bitumen import in South Africa

South Africa stands as the most industrialized and diversified area in Africa continent.

Its economy has undergone numerous ups and downs with high GDP growth in the 2010s. Later on, it decelerated to such an extent that in 2019 the GDP was $385 billion, experiencing only 0.2 percent growth.

Therefore Suitable penetration grade depends on the climate and traffic load of the road.

Therefore, lower penetration grade such as 40/50 is appropriate for hot climate and low traffic load.

On the contrary, softer bitumen including 80/100 performs better in cold regions or heavy traffic.

South Africa holds several major roads and highways including N1, N2, N3, N4 and N7. These roads make a suitable trading network between the southern countries.

In 2020, construction works and infrastructure decreased, due to COVID-19 pandemic. However, it is supposed to surge after the pandemic. Accordingly, bitumen and petroleum product demand can rise incredibly.

Plenty of bitumen grades are used as paving material all over the globe. In South Africa, constructors use various types of bitumen which the commonest are penetration grades and viscosity grades.

Bitumen CFR Price in Durban 

Port Durban is the busiest and the largest port of South Africa. It handles over 60 percent of trades which include 2.7 million tons of imports.

But The costs of importing bitumen to any port in South Africa include the costs of documents preparation such as the third-party inspection as well as the cost of CFR of the related port, for instance, CFR Port Durban if you are importing bitumen through this port.

Buying in South Africa

Buy bitumen in South Africa : Infinity Galaxy has provided eligible Middle East bitumen in southern Africa for years.

With years of experience and considering the client’s convenience, we have always sought to prepare the export document and inform our customers in advance.

Necessary documents are composed in time to avoid any possible issue for custom clearance.

These documents include:

Pro Forma Invoice (PI)

Commercial Invoice (CI)

Packing List

Certificate of Origin (CO)

Original Bill of Lading (BL or BOL)

Inspection (Geochem/SGS)


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