Latest bitumen price Kenya

Latest bitumen price Kenya

Latest bitumen price kenya : Kenya is one of the largest hubs through which importing

and exporting bitumen and other petrochemical products are operated.

This has resulted in the importance of the latest bitumen price Kenya for the world.

Although, latest bitumen prices have always been the headlines of the news every day.

As a matter of fact, Kenya ports are the main trade gateway for the Eastern and Southern Africa regions,

serving Kenya and seven neighbors, including Uganda, Somalia, Rwanda, and South Sudan.

The annual important volume to Kenya is high since some countries such as Iran are exporting various types

of bitumen including PEN grades, emulsions, and cutback bitumen grades to Kenya.

Some elements are determinative in the latest bitumen price Kenya. In the following, we will briefly explain and bring verified figures for you.

Items affecting latest bitumen prices

The first item to be mentioned is the investment that is driven by growing demand for imported cargo in the region,

where most economies are growing by at least 5% per year, said the managing director of the Kenya Ports Authority (KPA).

According to the authority’s speech, exports make up just 15% of the cargo that goes

through Mombasa every year, with a third of the total belonging to neighboring countries,

while Kenya, the region’s biggest economy, takes up the lion’s share. Besides, annual cargo traffic through the Kenya

ports is predicted to rise to 47 million tons in 2025 from 32 million tons in 2019.

All these mentioned are effective in the latest bitumen price Kenya. Good to know that, the value of exports of Bitumen

and asphalt from Kenya was $ 41 thousand in 2018. As the figures show, sales from Kenya went up by 1.34 compared to 2017.

Kenya partners & market shares

In fact, Kenya is not only an importing port of petrochemicals, but also is a large and prominent exporting hub in the world. That’s why Kenya means a lot to the bitumen exporter and importer countries. Important to realize that the top trading partners of Kenya are as below.

Iran with a share of 79% (5.2 million US$)

United Arab Emirates with a share of 17.5% (1.14 million US$)

Malaysia with a share of 1.77% (115 thousand US$)

China with a share of 1.09% (71 thousand US$)

Portugal with a share of 1.23 thousand US$, and Oman with a share of 48 US$.

So, these are the items that are effective on the world bitumen prices. Kenya and its partners are also notable in this regard.

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