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Latest Bitumen Price 2024 | 25 June – 2 July
                                  CFR Mombasa-Kenya CFR Dar-es-Salaam
Bitumen 60/70 414 – 415 $ 409 – 410 $
Bitumen 80/100 415 – 416$ 410 – 411 $
Bitumen 85/100 415 – 416 $ 410 – 411 $
Bitumen MC 30 Please contact us Please contact us

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   * The rates mentioned above are subject to change due to fluctuations in ocean freight and commodities in the market.


About Jey Oil Kenya bitumen Company

The Middle East is one of the prominent leaders in producing various grades and types of bitumen. There are numerous companies in the Middle East manufacturing and exporting quality bitumen internationally, including Jey Oil.

Jey Oil Kenya is a professional bitumen supplier cooperating with Infinity Galaxy in exporting bitumen 60/70, 80/100, and MC grades across Africa, including, Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Mombasa, Cameroon, and Uganda.

Bitumen Price Trends & History

Jey Oil Bitumen

JOK bitumen is one of the world’s top ten bitumen suppliers in the Middle East and exports an average of 3.5 million tons in bulk and drum annually. Moreover, Jey Oil has exported bitumen, specifically 60/70 grade to more than 92 countries such as Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Mombasa. Here you can see a list of export records and destinations.

Jey Oil Bitumen Types

Bitumen is a black viscous material that contains exclusive specifications contingent upon the type of crude oil and processing stages. Generally, we can divide bitumen into eight categories as below.

Bitumen Penetration Grade

Penetration grades are popular in the road construction community due to the wide spectrum of adjustability in various environments and climates. Penetration grade classifications vary in hardness and consistency.

The grade is estimated after penetrating a special laboratory needle to the bitumen sample. The number indicates how soft the bitumen is and how much it penetrates the surface. For instance, penetration grade bitumen 80/100 is softer than bitumen 60/70, therefore, it perforates the surface further.

Road constructors choose Pen Grade relative to the regional climate and traffic load. When the road is located in a hot region, they prefer lower grades such as 40/50. For heavy load traffic, softer penetration grades are more lasting.

Jey Oil bitumen penetration grades have a thermoplastic property, which causes bitumen to get soft at high temperatures and hard at low temperatures. Penetration grade 60/70 is more popular among other Pen grades due to its unique adaptability to various temperatures and loads.

However, each country and climate may require its unique bitumen specifications. For instance, Bitumen 40/50, 60/70, 80/100, 85/100 are useful for road construction in various climates such as Kenya.

Bitumen Viscosity Grade

Viscosity test is another prominent way of grading bitumen. Experts determine the fluid property of the bitumen during the laboratory test and classify the bitumen from 10 to 40.

VG bitumen is mostly used in road constructions, pavements, insulation, and buildings. Low viscosity bitumen is great for spraying and pavement maintenance, mainly because it is softer.

Viscosity grade bitumen became popular in India’s market after being proposed by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) as the proper paving material.


Bitumen Performance Grade

So , Performance grade bitumen classifies the bitumen according to the performance tests in various temperatures.

Performance grades, aka Superpave grading, are better solutions for engineers who want to avoid pavement raveling, fatigue cracking, and thermal cracking.

Cutback Bitumen

grades are produced after adding solvents to bitumen to decrease the viscosity level.

Cutback bitumen involves the addition of controlled amounts of petroleum extracts such as kerosene, naphtha, diesel oil, and furnace oil to bitumen.

Unlike other types of Jey Oil bitumen, cutback bitumen doesn’t need to be heated because the volatile solvents alleviate its viscosity.

Cutback bitumen is widely popular in cold climates. Kenya is one of the biggest consumers of cutbacks.


Emulsions came to the industry since cutback bitumen includes volatile solvents which are toxic to nature, human and environment.

The bitumen content in the emulsion is around 60% and the remaining is water. The water is released when the emulsion is applied on the road and the mix starts to set.

Bitumen emulsion grades are energy efficient because there is no need to heat them.

Besides, this product is beneficial to waterproofing and coating in the road construction industry.

Oxidized Bitumen

Oxidized bitumen, also known as blown bitumen, is the result of blowing air into the bitumen to make the substance rubbery.

When the oxidation happens to Jey Oil bitumen, it eradicates the water content and the bitumen becomes less volatile and temperature-susceptible. Flexibility, high durability, and resistance to water are some of unique specifications of Oxidized bitumen.

Oxidized Jey Oil bitumen grades are suitable for various industrial purposes, including roof insulation, flooring, industrial mastics, pipe coating, and paints in countries such as Kenya, Malaysia, Sudan, etc.

AC Grades Bitumen

Also , Ac grades of Jey Oil bitumen are the equivalent of viscosity grades in the United States and Kenya.

In other words, the AC-30 bitumen is just like VG-30 in India. In AC bitumen, viscosity level is doubled from grade to grade.

Aryl Hydrocarbon Bitumen or (AH Grades)

AH grades are mainly popular in China. The quality of AH bitumen directly results in the quality of the road.

Improper asphalt surface of the streets reduces the coefficient of friction due to the sudden braking of the car.

Moreover, low quality bitumen will cause the appearance of potholes in the streets causes drivers to flee and then crash.

What Are Road Damages Caused by Low-Quality Bitumen?

The surface of the road is exposed to temperature changes, moisture and other natural factors. The pavement should also tolerate the weight of vehicles and the traffic load. Consequently, the road surface may crack, ravel, bleed or rut.

The maintenance process causes heavy costs for construction companies while they can avoid it by choosing the right type of bitumen.

High-quality bitumen and proper bitumen grade prevent pavement defects to a high extent.


Why Jey Oil Bitumen?

Also , Jey Oil bitumen provides all various grades of bitumen to all countries. Our experts help you to find the suitable bitumen grade according to regional climate of your destination.

All countries including Kenya ,Tanzania, south africa, Congo ,Cameroon ,Sangapore , India, Malaysia, Turkey, Uganda hold their specific regulation for construction and bitumen specification. Consult with experts before any purchase.